It seems to me that feeling ok, in fact feeling more than ok, by finding some joy in your everyday, is super important right now, as we all come to terms with our new situation….the world in the time of a global coronavirus pandemic Covid-19. 

And although this may feel counterintuitive or even perhaps inappropriate, I believe focusing on the benefits, the opportunities, and the joy in our individual and collective situations is beneficial to our heart and soul, even if our minds might be slow to catch up!  

No-one who’s been connecting to others online; clapping for our NHS, singing, dancing, and spending time together differently….

No-one who’s been blown away at the kindness of some clients, suppliers, colleagues, and total strangers….

Can fail to see that there is joy and hope even in the darkest of hours.  

And this thought took me back to an article I wrote a few years ago about joy and success.  I offer it to you in the hope that it’s helpful right now. That you will take up the invitation to reflect on your relationship with Joy, Success, and Who you’re being.  After all, in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert (whose quote I can’t find so have paraphrased below!) 

“My mind is like an active labrador….might as well give it something to chew on”

What Dancers Can Teach us About Joyful Living & Achieving Success

I’m constantly learning from everyday experiences, at work and at play, about how to achieve success – success that is meaningful and joyful. For example, recently I was involved in running a dancing competition and I realised that the different approaches taken by different dancers – in terms of their thinking and actions, their joy or lack of joy – mirrors exactly the experience of many of us at work.

Some dancers focus purely on the job in hand – on winning. Others focus on getting it right – on not making mistakes, not falling over, not looking foolish, or not letting anyone down. And yet others just seem to enjoy the process, by which I mean they love dancing and they don’t appear to be too attached to the results they get.

This last group remind me of the saying “It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts,” and how most people seem to miss the point of this. To me, this is about the enjoyment of the process (of dancing), rather than about the competition itself.

Some dancers are so focused on the result, it shows on stage

The audience feels a sense of detachment, and sees a lack of enjoyment. Those dancers might be technically brilliant, but have no smile on their face, no sparkle in their eyes, and no joy in their step!

Others work themselves into such a state of anxiety they seem unable to enjoy their dance

Again this is obvious to those watching, from their demeanour – before, during, and immediately after the dance.

For the remainder, the dancers who enjoy their dance, they appear to skip onto the stage, to connect fully to the music and to their dance

They dance from their heart and soul, rather than from their head. They seem to trust their skill level, knowledge, expertise and experience enough to let it all go, to be ‘in the moment’ in their dance – connected to their soul, to the music and to their audience. They trust in the process.

And their audience engages. It emotionally connects with these dancers, who seem to become their dance, who live their dance, and this is very attractive and magnetic for the audience. And for the dancer, it allows the dance to become easy and feel effortless, because they let go of the worry and the struggle. 

5 Questions to Help You Create More Joy and Success

I invite you to make notes in relation to your particular business or work situation (even, or perhaps especially, if it’s different now or you've stopped working altogether.)  And don’t judge yourself or analyse what comes up. Instead, trust in and enjoy this process of exploration.

1.  Where is your focus at work?

  • On the destination or the journey?
  • In your head or in your heart and soul?
  • In the future or the present?

2.  What counts most to you at work?

  • Winning?
  • Not losing?
  • Saving face?
  • Enduring?
  • Enjoying?

3.  Who are you at work?

  • Tentative understudy?
  • Competitor?
  • Showgirl/man?
  • Principal dancer?

4.  What can you learn about joy from dancers?

  • What can you trust about yourself and your business/work?
  • What can you let go of?
  • How can you connect more fully to your work?

You have a unique dance to dance, a dance that you showcase through your business and through your work.  

Using your notes, answer the following question: 

How can you bring joy to your dance, to your thinking and to your work?

When you can answer this you’ll be able to focus on the joy here and now. This more than anything else helps to create a joyful future. Because our future is always created in the here and now.  In our choices in each moment.  

You will also connect more fully with yourself: with who you really are and who you want to become.  

In this way you will live your dance even now – mind, body and soul – and be more at ease in your work, and in your personal and business relationships. In short you’ll be enjoying success – the success you truly want for yourself.  However differently that may now look to before.

If you'd like my help to find more joy and explore what success means to you right now; perhaps exploring how to pivot, how to stay relevant, or how to lay more solid foundations for increased success in the near future, do get in touch as my small group coaching programmes and other programmes are being delivered via Zoom until the it's safe to return to in-person      meetings.