Tell us a little about who you are and what you do...

Hi, I'm Aileen Smith, Founder and Nutritional Therapist at The Health Heroine, offering personalised nutrition, health coaching, online programmes and corporate well being programmes.  I also run the High Flying Energy Club Facebook Group.

What does success mean to you, right now?

Feeling I have balance between doing the work I love and having the time and space to enjoy my personal life too.

What do you love about what you do?

I love it when my clients have light bulb moments, they start to understand what is going on and how the changes to their food and lifestyle are leading to their health transformations. I know I’ve done my job when they can’t recall the symptoms they were experiencing when we first started to work together. 

What do you find most challenging?

My nature is I want to do everything!  I’ve learned over the years that “less is more” both professionally and personally.

What's your biggest achievement(s) to date?

Creating, building and selling my first business led me to discovering my passion for nutrition and functional medicine and enabled me to full-time study of nutritional therapy for 4 years have a second career and a second business that I love.

What are your hopes and dreams for future success and happiness?

It’s always been my dream to have a portable business so I can enjoy running my business and have travel adventures too. I’m concentrating on developing an online business so that I can feel truly mobile!

What's your best piece of advice for others wanting to feel more successful?

Use your intuition.  Always ask yourself "does it feel good?"  Don’t be afraid to change direction or refine your business or lifestyle.

Written by Aileen Smith.

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