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Hello….my name’s Julie Johnson and I’m on a mission to help the self-employed and micro business owners, who make up 95% of UK businesses, and are the forgotten majority. I want to help them reclaim their lives and be rewarded properly for their endeavours and for the risks they take, because let’s face it, micro businesses are never going to be a priority for the government, even though they should be!

I currently have 15 years’ experience in running my own micro business, and prior to that I worked in HR,Training, Consultancy, Project Management and Management. Which means in total I have 30+ years of leadership, personal and business development experience, and for the most, I've been a non-tech person running a micro business.

In my search to find a way to make digital technology really work for my business, I've finally come across a solution that truly cuts through all the noise out there about the software and technology we're told we ‘must have.’ And I'm going to show you how and what really works in this new age of cloud technology.



About Me

Here's just a few of the questions we have to deal with:

  • How do I get more leads?
  • How do I get more sales?
  • How do I get more repeat sales / upsells?
  • How do I keep track of my sales funnel?
  • How do I keep track of my conversions?
  • How do I keep on top of my client relationships?
  • How do I maximise on the content I produce?‚Äč


Of course I'm sure you agree, that a solution can only really work if we don’t have to spend even more time doing even more things? That's why I'm going to show you one solution that manages all of these questions for you and a whole lot more, with only a few simple clicks of a button and...you will get to see everything happening live in one simple to use system.



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