My Three Words for 2020

Happy 2020!  A new year and a new decade.  

For the fourth year in a row I’ve been choosing three words to guide my year, and recommending you do the same.  Lots of people choose one word or one intention for the year. Others decide on New Years resolutions, but never really commit to them, so they fall by the wayside by February.  However Chris Brogan has been recommending three words (specifically three, not one or four) to act as guideposts to your year since 2006. And I’m a more recent convert. 

Choosing words is part science, part art.  Part playful and part serious. It’s about choosing words that have meaning to you.  Trying out different words, and seeing which feel right to you. 

These words actually don’t need to be understood by anyone but you, because they’re chosen to help guide and support you throughout your year.  To reach your goals. To be the type of person you want to be. To choose actions and behaviours for your highest and best. To not lose track of what’s important to you.  To constantly point you in the direction of the lifestyle and business you truly want.

Using three words has been a huge help these past years. In terms of results, and keeping my goals tangible and at the forefront of my mind.  And most importantly, by being a touchstone - an easy connection to how I want to be living my life and showing up in the world.   

So this has now become my annual practice.  It works well for me and my clients, and can work for you too.

Willing to give it a try?

My Approach

I add my three new words to my annual goals and to my daily productivity planner, as a constant reminder of my focus and intention for the year.  Allowing me to check in at the start of every working day, and at certain points throughout the day.  And helping keep the words (and what’s most important to me) front and centre, grounding me in the specific work that needs to be done, both internally in terms of mindset and state, and externally by way of actions.  

My Process

As always I start with a review of the previous year, to let go of what no longer serves me and to appreciate all the achievements, learning and positives from 2019.  I also write my Success Letter (a future-dated letter to myself) to get into a joyful feeling and positive frame of mind, usually before I set my three words and establish my goals for the coming year.  

This year however, like last, my three words came to me whilst journalling, and before I’d completed my goal setting for 2020.  That said, as always I did take time to consider whether these three words really resonated with where and who I am right now, and with what I want for the year ahead.  The first two came quickly and easily, and the third took a little exploration to find just the right word for me.

Previous Three Words

2017 - Integrate.  Equip. Play.

2018 - Ritual.  Serve. Courage.

2019 - Simple.  Playful. Authentic.

My Three Words for 2020

Move - as in moving towards a goal every single day.  This might include reaching out and asking, as well as more specific task related actions.  And moving my body - stretching, exercise, dance and walking. This is about moving the needle - doing the things that will make the biggest difference to my emotional and physical health and wellbeing, as well as activating more of my potential and passion, and letting the rest go.

Ease -  I want to move through my life and work in a state of ease and flow more often.  Ease reminds me ‘it doesn’t have to be difficult’. I can choose to have fun, find the joy, or make it playful.  I can choose ease and a feeling of lightness, and let the heaviness go. I can be both the question and the answer!

Clarify - This is about me clarifying edges and boundaries.  Simplifying in my business. Clarifying my packages and better communicating my services. Seeking and maintaining clarity myself as the business owner, and demonstrating that in all aspects of my business communications.

These three words also work together.

Clarify reminds me of who I want to be and how I want to act.  To be clear and to keep it simple. Ease reminds me of why.  And Move reminds me of what I need to do today and every day.

So those are my three words for 2020. 

Your Turn

What three words will you chose that have real meaning to you, and will act as your guideposts for the year ahead?  I’d love to know...

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